Measuring Expert:
Taiwan Sunlon Industrial Co.,Ltd., established in 1966, has more than 40-year experience in the manufacture of Measuring Tape Measuring Wheel and Spirit Level. "Sunlon" is one of our most important registered trademarks, which has been enjoying excellent reputation among our customers. This is the reason why we are better known as "Sunlon".
Tailor's Tapes
Tailor¡¦s tapes are flexible for easily and accurately measuring parts of the body or garments. They are ideal for use in the apparel, textile, medical, or fitness industries. All of our tailor¡¦s tapes are made from durable, non-stretch fiberglass fabric, secured at either end with metal fastenings, Each is fitted with a reusable cardboard band for convenient storage. To design your own, We are going to look at the different options available and help you determine the best measuring tape for your needs.

Plastic Caliper

There are certain situations in life where a set of digital calipers or dial calipers just won't cut it. With the advent of cheap digital calipers, it has become more reasonable to take these instruments into conditions where they may get splashed, knowing that they can be easily replaced should you accidentally drop them in a tidepool. Still, in some cases it's nice to be able to use a set of vernier calipers sometimes, especially when you know you'll be getting splashed or submerging the calipers.

It used to be the case that you could find relatively affordable, high quality plastic vernier calipers.
Plastic is nice since it won't rust, and you're less likely to shove the tips of the jaws through your arm accidentally, like you might with metal calipers.
Unfortunately, you're hard-pressed to find a vendor for quality plastic vernier calipers these days. You can get stainless steel verniers, for a price, and they're still a danger to you when you're slipping and sliding around in

Misure di spallamenti
Step measurement
Mesure d'epaulement
Medidas de escalines
Misure esterne
Outside measurement
Mesure exterieure
Medidas exteriores
Misure di profendita
Depth measurement
Mesure de profondeur
Medidas de profundidads
Tracciature di centri
Center marking
Tracage de centres
Trazado de centros